3 steps facilities can take to protect their deliveries

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Package concierge
Source: Package Concierge, left, and Parcel Pending, right.

As e-commerce deliveries increase, criminals – often dubbed “porch pirates” – find new and sophisticated ways to steal the packages from homes and businesses.

Whether sending children in to steal boxes for them or following delivery trucks to snatch packages seconds after their arrival, thieves continually find new ways to steal packages before they reach their intended recipient.

New research finds that more than half (51%) of online shoppers say they have not received at least one package they ordered online in the past six months, and 16% of them say their packages were stolen after delivery.

In this article, we show you how to protect packages delivered to facilities in three ways:

  1. Evaluating your security needs and logistics
  2. Investing in smart technology
  3. Investing in a secure infrastructure


Before you consider making major changes to your security or infrastructure, consider whether you’re taking advantage of basic package security practices, including.

A few questions to ask to determine the security vulnerabilities you are subject to include:

  • Do you receive text and email notifications when your packages are delivered?

Most shipping companies, such as UPS and FedEx, provide tracking numbers that allow you to follow your deliveries and get notified by text or email when your package is delivered.

  • Do you have a front desk employee who can sign for and distribute packages as they arrive at your facility?

If so, consider requiring a signature for package delivery.

  • Does your facility close at a certain time?

To avoid receiving packages when no one is onsite, visit the shipping carrier’s website to edit your delivery time or location and ensure that packages are delivered during business hours.

  • Do you insure your packages?

Consider insuring your packages to cover the cost of replacement if you’re located in an area with high delivery thefts.

  • Do you have a protocol for missing packages?

Most of the time , when packages disappear it’s because they got lost in transit (32%) or were never sent in the first place (23%).

Before you assume a package was stolen, check with both the seller and the shipping company to ensure the product arrived at your facility.

File a police report if you’re certain a package was stolen. Notifying the police may not help you find the package, but it can help related insurance claims move through the system more smoothly.


If you’ve evaluated your security protocols, but are still missing packages, you might consider installing smart technology to supervise your deliveries for you.

Security cameras such as Ring for Business, Google Outdoor Nest Cam, and a variety of other brands available at Amazon, allow you to video record what happens at your facility.

Ring for business image
Source: Ring for Business

Security systems like Ring and Nest can save you a significant amount of time because you don’t need to launch an internal investigation to learn what happened to missing packages.

If your packages are stolen, a security camera helps you find out who took your package, and also provides video evidence for the police and insurance companies.


You can simplify the process of package delivery by installing self-service package lockers or kiosks. For example, companies such as Parcel Pending and Package Concierge install onsite lockers that keep your deliveries safe.

Package concierge

Source: Package Concierge, left, and Parcel Pending, right.Installing self-service package lockers keeps your packages safe from theft and also provides a nice perk for employees who prefer receiving their package deliveries at work.

The Amazon Key for Business program is an example of another kind of delivery solution. The service provides key fobs that allow Amazon delivery people to unlock your doors, enter your business, and place packages safely inside.


As e-commerce grows and package deliveries increase, there are several ways to ensure that packages don’t get stolen from your facility.

Review your existing security protocol and consider investing in smart technology or a secure infrastructure to keep your packages safe from theft.

Riley Panko is a senior content developer for Clutch, a content- and data-driven resource for companies to research and identify the best business services solutions for their needs.

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