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ExploreSCM is a digital information resource for supply chain management. We deliver relevant and high-quality content to the wider audience in supply chain including decision makers across industries. ExploreSCM publishes industry news and thought leadership insights spanning from end-to-end supply chain to the latest disruptive innovations in the industry.

We help address the SCM talent shortage that companies in all industries are experiencing today by offering learning tools and promoting universities and colleges offering supply chain management programs to prospective students. We are on the move to increase awareness to students, schools, and companies about the crucial role of the supply chain management in our technology, data-driven world.

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We publish the latest news and developments that impact both local and global supply chains. Read the news to make informed, scalable decisions that work.

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ExploreSCM produces expert analysis on supply chain innovations and best practices that generate insights to propel your business further.


We load our site with learning tools and opportunities so you can expand your grasp about the various facets of supply chain management.

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Our readers are supply chain decision makers and enthusiasts. Partner or advertise with us to reach the right audience, build product awareness, and increase your lead.


Our contributors are forward-thinkers and highly experienced in the industry offering actionable insights including best practices, innovations, emerging trends, and evolutionary opportunities for small to large scale companies.

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