CHED: Philippine universities offering supply chain management program

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I guess you are curious about exploring the world of supply chain management (SCM) and now you begin to wonder if colleges and universities in the Philippines have it in their curriculum. While schools in developed countries have supply chain management included in their program, the Philippine academics seem to be way behind in developing the supply chain talent.

Several studies have confirmed that there is a talent shortage for supply chain management as the demand growth outpaces the supply. What causes a demand increase? Since the rapid rise of globalization and technology have been pushing companies to innovate, firms are putting much emphasis on their supply chain to save costs and remain competitive while operating at maximum efficiency.

Supply chain professionals who can effectively optimize the end-to-end operations and be strategic leaders – also known as T-shaped professionals – are now in demand for their in-depth disciplinary knowledge, as well as their ability to see and influence the bigger picture – Broad College of Business, Michigan State University

Supply chain management is the primary area of the business where innovation, efficiency, and cost-savings are realized. For instance, according to the Annual Survey of Manufacturers by the United States Census Bureau, the cost of materials or inventories accounts for as high as 80% as a percentage of sales.

Yes, you read it right 80%. That is a big chunk of expense that procurement professionals can leverage for cost-savings. There is more, how about if you can cut costs out of logistics and manufacturing operations? Savings would be phenomenal.

No wonder supply chain management becomes such a hot topic during the COVID-19 pandemic as companies cannot move inventories around the globe due to factory closures, travel ban, and limited workforce.

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Early this year, I reached out to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to see where supply chain management stands out among other courses or programs. To my surprise, CHED came back with a report of only three schools offering an SCM program with only 162 enrollments in both graduate and undergraduate during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Marketplace demand for individuals with comprehensive supply chain expertise is currently six times the supply – Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin

So, let’s dive in, here are the academic institutions offering logistics and supply chain management courses in the Philippines according to CHED;

Lyceum of the Philippines University

  • Master in Customs Administration and Supply Chain
LPU Manila campus
Source: LPU Manila Twitter account

Technological Institute of the Philippines – Quezon City

  • BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management​
TIP Quezon City campus
Technological Institute of the Philippines campus in Cubao, Quezon City. Source: Wikipedia

University of Makati

  • BS in Business Administration major in Supply Management
  • Associate in Supply Management
University of Makati
University of Makati Track & Field Oval. Source: UMak Facebook account

There is an alternative course you can find from other schools – Operations Management (OM). While this program has subjects related to supply chain management, it is not as comprehensive as SCM because the OM curriculum in the Philippines is focused on the production or internal processes of the organization rather than the extensive complex operations of the global end-to-end supply chain.

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You can find the list of schools offering supply chain management and related courses here. I am constantly updating the list should there be any institutions offering SCM courses.

Moving forward, leaders from academic institutions and industries should come together to develop a cutting-edge curriculum to address a deepening shortage of supply chain talent. In the meantime, several industry organizations are filling the talent gap through training and certifications.

The SCM Academy is a good learning resource to get a custom-designed supply chain training modules for your team. You can also utilize the SCM Knowledge platform to better understand the fundamentals of supply chain management.

Marvin Bunyag, CPIM provides analysis and insights into the most trending news in the supply chain management space in the Philippines and across Asia. He is an APICS-CPIM professional and brings over 7 years of international experience in the supply chain. He holds MS in Operations and Supply Management from the University of Wisconsin in USA and a BS in Commerce at the University of the Immaculate Conception in the Philippines. You reach him at

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