Infographic: how to create a memorable unboxing experience

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In a world of increased remote shopping and people deferring to online options, it’s essential that businesses consider every aspect of the customer experience. Thoughtfully designing all details from buying through to delivery and packaging ensures that there is an intentionality in all areas that can help curate a 360 degree sense of what the business is about plus how they nurture value at every turn.

This plays a central role in the story of a business and the brand that’s being built around it. As Bianca Barratt writes for Forbes, “Just think about it: Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Nike… all of these businesses have cultivated success with the help of a strong brand story.”

In the 21st century, the major business players understand this human psychology and use it to their advantage wherever possible. In the last 10 years, it’s become both apparent and a matter of urgency that packaging is at the heart of this. Moreover, the fascinating consumer and social media trends tied to the user experience of unboxing a package is the apex mountain that customers experience on their purchasing journey and businesses should be pushing to make this an unforgettable peak to summit.

The data doesn’t lie on this with entire niche social media categories evolving in the past decade focused on unboxing ‒ a search term that now averages 90,000 searches on YouTube per month. This is even more significant when it’s taken into account that YouTube is the second most-used search engine on the web. Not only is the unboxing experience an important facet of how a customer engages with and feels a tangible connection with a business (especially a remote one), it’s also a key growth market for reaching an entirely new market sector.

For businesses looking to overhaul how they approach their customers, using the strategy of creating a memorable unboxing experience is the way forward. Approaching customer service and product delivery differently can be achieved with resources and guides such as this infographic shared by logistics specialists 2Flow.

In the graphic below, they explore additional benefits of high-impact packaging, the different pillars of designing the experience, and smart and practical tips for revamping the business process of packaging. Check out the full graphic to learn more and make qualitative changes now.

Simon Pleass is the Managing Director at 2Flow – an outsource fulfillment partner specializing in handling inventory.

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