PASIA and BuyerQuest launch B2B procurement eMarketplace in Philippines and ASEAN

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PASIA and BuyerQuest today announced the launch of the largest business to business (B2B) eMarketplace and Procurement platform for the ASEAN Region. Powered by BuyerQuest and managed services by PASIA, the PASIA eMarketplace will serve small, medium, and large enterprises in various sectors and industries.

The PASIA eMarketplace platform offers a unique and compelling value proposition that will revolutionize business undertaking for small, medium, and large enterprises in various industries towards the new normal.

PASIA brings many decades of deep domain know-how of procurement, large supplier based and a strong back office support and infrastructure needed to complement the leading and most intuitive on the cloud eProcurement technology.

PASIA’s intention is to make buying for companies the same way as buying for personal and home use for products and services. PASIA lowers the barriers for companies to adopt digitalization and extends a unique “pay-per-use” for buyers and suppliers, very much bridging the popular business to consumer (B2C) eCommerce model and experience to corporate buying.

PASIA eMarketplace focuses on the simplicity of “contactless” shopping while maintaining compliance on appropriate business processes, systems, and requirements.

PASIA is making digital procurement and suppliers selling accelerated in the pandemic environment and towards the new normal. The PASIA eMarketplace will be the one-stop shared services platform for the country and the ASEAN region.

Suppliers inside the eMarketplace undergo a due diligence process with PASIA’s Global Platform for Assessing Suppliers (GPAS) for services and products providers. The GPAS services also include supplier enablement services for analytics and e-catalog production.

The latest CEO survey released this month by PwC highlighted that CEO’s key business priorities for 2020 include cost containment, driving digitalization, and increasing sustainable practices to future proof their supply chains. The timing of the PASIA eMarketplace could not be better.

Charlie Villasenor, CEO of PASIA/ TransProcure and also known as the procurement and supply chain management icon in Asia said, “This is the best opportunity to help in nation building to support the economies in the Asia region thru digital procurement and enhanced supply chains. Part of our offering are complementary value-added services such as ePayment and eLogistics as well built around our unfair advantage of being focused, having the most experience, scalability of platform and cost advantage”.

“Our relationship with BuyerQuest have been for many years and we are so excited what our organizations can do together in helping companies and countries succeed” he added.

“The global pandemic further highlighted the importance of automation, visibility, and flexibility in the global supply chain.” said Jack Mulloy, CEO of BuyerQuest.

“BuyerQuest is excited to partner with PASIA and bring a first-of-its-kind Procurement Marketplace to Asia. Through the PASIA eMarketplace, thousands of companies (large & small) will gain the ability to automate procure-to-pay processes, improve efficiencies, and achieve considerable value.”

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