Philippine food security remains strong despite pandemic

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Philippines food security
Courtesy: Department of Agriculture Communications Group

Food supply in the country is sufficient despite the pandemic disrupting the food supply chain, the Department of Agriculture said.

With the strong government support on food security, Filipinos would have enough food by the end of the year until the first quarter of 2021.

“We are confident that based on mid-July estimates, our food supply situation and outlook is comfortable, despite the constricted movement in the early weeks of the community quarantine,” said Agriculture Secretary William Dar.

Rice production has increased by 6.85 percent compared to the same period last year, sending DA’s rice forecast of year-end stock for 89 days.

Inventory supply outlook for other food commodities is also on the upside with corn to last 237 days, chicken good for 187 days, and vegetables to last for 20 days.

“Given this favorable outlook, we will continue to implement our umbrella program, called ‘Plant, Plant, Plant,’ to further boost the production of major food commodities, led by rice and other major crops, aquaculture and fish, poultry and livestock animals,” said Secretary Dar.

As part of DA’s food security framework, farmers and fishers are ensured with assistance to enable them to survive and recover from the pandemic’s aftermath.

The DA emphasized the government must prioritize food production locally to ramp up sufficiency levels of basic foods and other commodities “to sustainably feed the country’s growing population in the new normal.”

To attain this, the DA will harmonize the food supply chain systems with other related sectors such as the economy, energy, water, environment, manufacturing, and health, and at the same time build resilience.

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