Philippines temporarily bans chicken imports from Brazil over Covid-19 concern

Source: Philippines' Department of Agriculture
Source: Philippines' Department of Agriculture
  • The Department of Agriculture bans chicken supply from Brazil after China found traces of coronavirus in chicken wings imported from Brazil.
  • Brazil has 3.3 million Covid-19 cases with a significant number of infections found in workers for meat processing plants.
  • The South American country accounts for around 20% of the Philippines’ meat imports.
  • The department assures chicken products in the Philippines are safe.

Brazil chicken exports to the Philippines has faced a temporary ban after the city of Shenzhen, China reportedly found traces of coronavirus in imported chicken wings from Brazil.

Authorities of Shenzhen city determined chicken import was coming from a meat plant owned by Aurora, the country’s third biggest processor of chicken and pork, as the source of the chicken wings.

As of this writing, Brazil has over 3.3 million Covid-19 infections – after the United States – with a significant number of cases among workers in meat processing plants.

The Department of Agriculture has been monitoring coronavirus related outbreaks in foreign meat establishments to ensure food imports are safe for Filipinos.

“With the recent reports from China and in compliance with the country’s Food Safety Act to regulate food business operators and safeguard Filipino consumers, the temporary ban on the import of chicken meat is imposed,” the Department of Agriculture statement said.

The department assures chicken products currently in the Philippine market are safe to eat, and strongly urges the public to verify sources of information, with either BAI or the NMIS for proper guidance.

To heighten safety among workers involved in poultry processing, the Department of Health required them to report any Covid-19 symptoms immediately and consult with licensed veterinarians to ensure farm biosafety and biosecurity.

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