Submission directions

ExploreSCM recognizes the power of fostering collective learning to ensure readers will get the full spectrum of an end-to-end supply chain. To submit an article, please be guided of the following directions to ensure uniformity throughout posts. Submissions are subject for review for publishing.

Articles must be original, not a rewritten version of the existing article. Software technology will be used to detect plagiarism.

Must be relevant to supply chain management or lean six sigma disciplines.

Include proper citation of sources for any information you incorporate in the article (e.g. statistics data, direct quotation, facts, etc.). A citation could be a link to the source.

A minimum of 600 words. 

If you use a graphic, it must be from your own or public domain – royalty-free images.

Include a short bio of yourself. A high-definition professional photo is strongly recommended.

The author will be notified when the article is ready to publish.

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