Supply Chain Management Workshop


Supply Chain has been in existence ever since man started to trade. What is different today is the adoption of technology in the supply chain. Whereas before, goods take months or even years to reach consumers, today with technology advancement, goods can be made available within the next day or even hours after an order is placed.

Improvements in technology coupled with more demanding consumers are forcing organizations to radically change their supply chains. The bigger challenge for organizations is understanding what is important or what appeals to consumers more. Recent developments show that there is an on-going shift on consumer preferences.

While consumers continue to value price, however consumers are willing to pay more if products they want are delivered sooner (time value). Price and Product Quality while being valued by consumers are considered common, speed is beginning to be valued by consumers.


This workshop is designed for organizations that envision to;

A sample of cases on how value was created will be discussed, and participants will be directed to develop their individual action steps to serve as initial project for their respective organizations.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to;


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