USAID helps Philippine medical supply chain with commodities tracker

DOH commodities dashboard
Source: USAID's Facebook page
  • USAID launched a web-based dashboard assisting the Philippine Department of Health to automatically track emergency supplies inventory in the country.
  • The tool provides real-time logistics analytics enabling decision-makers to assess and plan the country’s Covid-19 medical supply chain.

Maintaining an adequate inventory of medical supplies is critical to healthcare professionals to sustainably provide crucial care during the Covid-19 crisis. But ensuring enough stocks at the right time and place is a challenge without proper supply chain planning and information monitoring system.

With a much-needed supply chain information system for the Philippines Department of Health, USAID assisted DOH with a web-based commodities dashboard tracker.

The system automatically tracks supplies of essential health commodities including vaccines, medicines, and personal protective equipment (PPEs) for healthcare workers received at the DOH central warehouse. It also serves as an early warning system that enables decision-makers to gauge the extent of the demand and prompt delivery of stocks procured from suppliers and donors.

This tool provides real-time visibility of PPEs stock levels across health facilities that cater to Covid-19 related cases in the country. Replenishment quantities are automatically determined by comparing supplies against the demand and existing inventories in all facilities, eliminating manual restocking process.

Data generated by the system provides logistics analytics to DOH useful for a daily press briefing to the public.

USAID has long been a Philippine partner for delivering projects gearing towards good governance and economic development, including the supply chain.

“USAID projects provide supply chain analytics and promote a regulatory environment that facilitates logistics and transportation for medical products, food, and other essential goods,” according to the USAID’s website statement.

“Further, USAID has introduced key digital solutions that have helped local governments strengthen supply chains of necessary commodities and cash relief to vulnerable communities, as well as connect agricultural producers and consumers.”

Earlier, USAID trained hospitals for the Covid-19 Supply Management Tracking System, a web-based system that facilitates the recording of procured and donated Covid-19 supplies, manages the allocation, distribution of the supplies to different health facilities, and the tracks reporting of the utilization.

USAID’s assistance to the Covid-19 commodities tracker information system will ensure emergency supplies are available and distributed to where they are needed the most.

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