What is quality?

Efficient and cost-effective operations are some of the the underlying objectives of manufacturers to remain competitive in the marketplace. Manufacturers today are faced with competitive pressures leading them to consistently innovate new product and process. They aim to reinvent their manufacturing processes so they can respond better to changing customer preferences and market disruptions.

Quality is defined by APICS as conformance to requirements or fitness for use. It simply means that any process, activity, product, or service must comply with specifications. In rare cases where perfect quality is impossible to achieve, a less variation from the standard or specification can be acceptable. For some industries (e.g. pharmaceutical, chemical) that require a high degree of precision and regulatory compliance, quality control is a major part of the business.

Delivering a high-quality product is the primary goal of any improvement effort. To achieve product quality, manufacturers should understand customer needs well to obtain insights and information to meet product requirements. The collected information enables manufacturers to design production process, establish appropriate quality systems, determine packaging and handling requirements, and develop performance measures

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