Benefits of thought leadership article

If you possess solid knowledge and experience in supply chain management, we encourage you to submit us a thought leadership article, case study, or analysis to share with the industry professionals. 

Being a regular content contributor to ExploreSCM gives you many advantages;

Establish credibility

Providing a content to readers will help expand their understanding of the subject. It provides insights and actionable concepts to solve some of the supply chain issues the organization is experiencing. You, as a guest contributor, will eventually take an opportunity to become a credible resource for the matter.


ExploreSCM will take your content to the right audience worldwide. Your short bio is displayed underneath in each post and you will benefit exposure from attribution, industry readership, and backlinks to your website – increasing traffic from potential clients.


Publishing your content through ExploreSCM is an effective way to building your brand. Consistent exposure to industry readership will set your name as a brand in itself.

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